About Katie

As a child, my secret dream job was to be a guardian angel. I wanted to help people without their even knowing. Of course, this plan was thwarted by being human. As I got older, I tried to find ways to be useful via traditional roads like education, policy and business. More and more though, as I paid attention to my own and others' struggles, I saw the world was simply a reflection of our thoughts, attitudes and feelings. If we want to create real change, we need to start with our minds. Accordingly, I turned my attention to yoga and meditation. My past reflects this ongoing search of how to be of benefit to the world. 



Naropa University, MDiv

Stanford University, MBA

Harvard University, BA in Women’s Studies


Professional Coach (Leadership That Works)

Mindfulness Instructor (Naropa University)

Buddhist Minister (International Order of Buddhist Ministers)

Yoga Teacher, 500 Hour (YogaWorks)

Authentic Leadership (Naropa University)

Holistic Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

Katie Malachuk. eka pada vip dan.jpg
Katie Malachuk. eka pada vip dan.jpg

Assorted Past lives

•yoga and mindfulness teacher

•business school professor of social responsibility, University of Colorado

•hospital chaplain

•published author

•admissions consultant

•third grade teacher and Director of Admissions, Teach for America

•Georgetown Law drop-out

•consultant, Boston Consulting Group


Katie is a human whisperer.  Speaking with Katie makes me feel normal, at ease and hopeful.  She truly has a gift and I am truly grateful. -- woman, 30's

Katie has that rare combination of high intelligence, a good heart and genuine desire to help others, and the courage and dogged determination to pursue her own authentic path toward becoming the best at what she does: be it through education, work experience, or the way she lives her life. She is both an inspiration and a support. It is a true privilege and blessing to work with Katie. She is seriously an angel who gave me hope and support at an all-time low point. Katie taught me how to work with my mind when it wanders during meditation. She set me on the right path, for which I will always be grateful. -- woman, 40's

Katie reads people with great expertise and is able to facilitate growth in a way I've never experienced. Her way of navigating the human spirit is graceful yet powerful, compassionate and truly invaluable. Her guidance echoes well beyond her sessions as a fully applicable catalyst for you to move through whatever may be limiting you in life.  -- woman, 30's

Katie’s coaching process was a subtle alchemy of listening and laughing, of silence and tears. Her homework assignments called out my creativity. Her emails brought challenge and comfort. She even got those warring voices in my head to make peace. It’s hard to explain. I’d never met anyone like Katie Malachuk. Suddenly my worries about the past and my anxiety about the future gave way to a new, inviting space called the present. Live in the present. What a concept. -- man, 50's

Katie's soothing presence and clear-eyed wisdom are a much-needed balm for anyone exhausted by the rigors of life and searching for perspective. -- woman, 30's

Katie Malachuk is an authentic and powerful voice in the world of personal development and coaching. She can be your ally in transforming everything that no longer serves you. She can help you let go of stagnation, fear and guilt, so that you can connect with your truth and create the life of your dreams. She serves others with love, patience and dedication. She creates a sacred space and listens deeply, which allows you to hear yourself without the usual static, doubts and confusion. Dive deeply and enjoy! -- man, 30's