A Good Fit?

This process works well if you are ready to commit to a meditation practice (even for a few minutes per day), prepared to look at yourself before blaming others, tired of going around in circles with habitual thoughts and behaviors, and open to contemplating your approach to life. 

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Personal attention

Maybe you feel a little lost or don't recognize yourself? Maybe you've tried to make changes but slipped into stale ways of thinking and behaving? Maybe you've tried mindfulness? It's difficult to maintain a practice when it's unclear how it applies to your life. Mind and Life Coaching connects the dots between your mind and your life. You receive personal instruction along with accountability to help you develop practices that are accessible and applicable to your everyday living. 


surprisingly subversive

This work can be particularly effective at putting space around our self-identity. Whether we were socialized with stories of superiority or inferiority, this work releases us from self-concepts and ensuing behaviors that are damaging to ourselves and society. Reclaiming our minds is radical work. It is also necessary work for dismantling unjust and unequal social structures.  


Sometimes not the best option

This process may not be the best approach in a few cases. First, coaching and meditation are not substitutes for therapy or medication though they could be used alongside them. Also, sometimes we are eager to make big, structural changes in life (e.g., new jobs, relationships). In this case, Mind and Life Coaching may feel too granular. We focus on how we do things before jumping to change what we do. Finally, if you only want to meditate to increase productivity or a grab a moment of relaxation, this work will be more than you want to take on. Mind and Life Coaching uncovers the mental states driving the need for achievement or escape.