Mind and Life Coaching requires a willingness to experiment with how you think and live. You will be asked to engage in a brief, daily meditation practice. You will also be asked to explore one or two contemplative activities, and there are a wide-range of options: mind-body (e.g., walking, yoga, dance), creativity (e.g., journaling, art, music, singing), ritual and prayer, activism and volunteering, reading, storytelling, listening...

Further, you will be asked to curb your use of media and, ideally, take a breather from social media. Of course, there will be other little disciplines to employ based on your particular habits.


Mind and Life Coaching is most effective when engaged for three consecutive months in order to make immediate changes to thought and behavior patterns.

We will have three phone sessions per month, which can include reflection, discussion, instruction, guided meditation and homework.

There is unlimited email support including daily accountability check-in's on meditation if necessary.

After three months, some client work feels complete. Other clients return for follow-up sessions, and we create a custom schedule. 



Potential outcomes



Increased ability to calm and stabilize the mind

Insight into personal patterns

Space to make new choices

An understanding of cause and effect on an individual and collective level

A healthy sense of humor about self and life

Increased creativity

Better listening


Realistic relationship with the stuff of life (e.g., food, alcohol, relationships, stuff, sex, work)

Decreased self-absorption

Sense of connection with people, animals, the environment

Greater ease with all emotions

Increased patience and empathy

Compassion for self and other (even in challenging situations)

Curiosity about the experience of being human

Less attachment to outcomes (!)