For many years in New York City, I led a double life as a yoga teacher and an admissions consultant. These books were born from that experience. They make the college and MBA admissions processes into journeys of self-discovery. Initially published by Kaplan in 2009, I now self-publish them. I no longer do any admissions consulting. 

The college application process does not have to be a stressful performance for admissions committees. You’re Accepted returns power to the applicant, making the process a personal rite of passage. Rather than trying to please others, you can begin adulthood by being your true self.

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What others are saying about You're Accepted:

[You’re Accepted] is wonderfully written, in a style that will appeal to everyone involved in the process; student, parent, guidance counselor. It's rare that one could say the following two sentences about the same book, and be telling the truth: "Kids read this book and then give it to your parents if you want them to understand who you are and where you will thrive and grow into who you were meant to be." And, "Parents, read this book and then give it to your kids if you want to participate with them in this most important rite of passage." -- Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder Omega Institute and author of the New York Times bestseller, Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow

Malachuk’s advice is spot on. Colleges want individuals, not clones, and You’re Accepted provides the tools to help students present themselves powerfully and authentically in the college admission process.  With humor and a touch of irreverence, Malachuk asks you to “believe in yourself.”  This is Yoda for a new generation of college goers. -- Seth Allen, Dean of Admission & Financial Aid, Grinnell College

Amid the chaos of college admissions, Malachuk provides a refreshing step-by-step guide on how to maintain a sense of self in the process—the key to getting into the right college for you. -- Kathleen Kingsbury, Time and Daily Beast contributor

If you are looking for quick tricks to get into business school, this is not the book for you. If you are game to use the MBA application process to contemplate how to be authentic while doing meaningful work, then Earn It can serve as an accessible guidebook. Bonus - this kind of contemplation helps you get into top schools.

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What others are saying about Earn It:

This book is far better than it has any right to be. My best advice is that you shouldn't waste the time and money it takes to get an MBA. But if you're going to ignore that advice, please (please!) read this book first. -- Seth Godin, Stanford MBA and NY Times Best Selling Author

Having read tens of thousands of applications during my tenure as Director of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid for the Wharton School, I can say that Ms. Malachuk’s words of wisdom are spot on...Self reflection is no easy task, but this book serves as a refreshingly candid look at how this process can be used to enhance all aspects of one’s life. Required reading for anyone applying to MBA programs or looking to take a next step in their life.  -- Thomas Caleel, former Director of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid for the Wharton School, Wharton MBA alumnus

[Katie Malachuk] has skillfully integrated wisdom traditions and consciousness based practices such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, compassion, and self-enquiry to transform the MBA admissions process from one of terror and burden that it is for many applicants to a journey of joy, adventure, and personal growth. There is so much wisdom packed in these pages that I would recommend it to friends as a way to lead a more awake and conscious life even if we are not applying to an MBA program. -- Gopi Kallayil, Wharton MBA, VP Google

Earn It has many universal truths woven through its pages. For the applicant lost among the trees, not seeing the forest, this book will gently lead the reader through his/her predicament to find the path to answers. This book delivers much more than its title. -- Lloyd M. Field, PhD, Author, Business and the Buddha: Doing Well by Doing Good; Leadership Coaching: Personal Insights to Inspire Others