With Mind and Life Coaching, we disrupt habitual ways of thinking and behaving so that we cease to bring the same-old anger, greed, jealousy, ignorance and so on to all of our noble endeavors be they personal or professional. 

Culturally, we are excited about mindfulness. However, we tend to take a consumer approach, using the practice to live our same lives...but better! With this perspective, mindfulness can actually facilitate habitually painful and destructive ways of living for ourselves and our world. 

Mind and Life Coaching takes a more comprehensive approach to self-inquiry. By combining personal development with a traditional path of discipline, study and meditation, we actively unpack our personal patterns and cultural conditioning. We discover more mental freedom, allowing us to move through life consciously and wisely. 

This approach is pragmatic, somatic and down-to-earth. 


personal Development

Life can become flat, rote, even suffocating. What happened to those noble endeavors? Personal Development is a discovery process. What dreams fade in the day-to-day? What shadows sabotage your efforts? What values sit in the desk drawer? What future self is calling? We engage in questions and visualizations to reclaim what you have known about  yourself all along. We also learn to appreciate our uniqueness without getting seduced by the ignorance of specialness.





discipline & study

Discipline and Study release habits that block Personal Development. With Discipline, we practice placing trust in our minds instead of the usual suspects (food, alcohol, stuff, sex, internet, work). We can choose how we speak, act and think. With Study, we investigate what we feed the mind -- imperative in a culture where we get stuck scrolling through others' thoughts as if our own aren't a lot to handle. After all, our mental input becomes our mental output. 




With Meditation, we come home to ourselves. We learn to weather any storms, even (especially!) the ones that arise when we implement Personal Development and release old habits. We begin with befriending and settling the mind, and then we expand to working with thoughts. There is also an energetic awareness practice to better understand our emotions and uncover the insights within them. Finally, there is a simple compassion practice to develop our connection to others and remind us that we are never alone.