In the face of more racial violence and tension, I’m making a public plug for looking at our minds. Meditation is not for chilling out, working more efficiently, running a better marathon. That’s our consumer approach, wanting meditation to support our endless wants. This practice is about looking at our minds and uncovering an understanding of the equality of all beings…and then speaking, acting, helping, working, shopping, legislating from that insight. We don’t have time to wring our hands and wonder what to do. We need to look at the stories we have been taught about our race, gender, sexuality, etc. Look at the stories we have been taught about others’ race, gender, sexuality, etc. In the name of greed, we have been socialized with stories of superiority and inferiority depending on the body we happen to be born into. We are taught things about ourselves and each other to keep power in the hands of some and exploit others. We can reclaim our minds from this ignorance and suffering. Human beings can change the way we are. Mindfulness is only a first step and it is time for us to dig deeper with analytical meditation, ethics, study. We need to pull these weeds out by the roots. No time to lose.